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Logo Design for DTP Shipping Solutions

3 weeks ago by Kawishka

I would like to describe my design process for this logo. First I got a set of foolscap papers and started mind mapping (these include in my mind map: Provide shipping services, B2B, should be recognizable, needs three versions, should be unique). Then summarized the brief to basics, which are shipping services, B2B, and unique. The third one is sketching. I sketched about 180 concepts (Still on paper) and for this, I got about 2 days. Finally, I chose 5 concepts as the best of them. Also tried some colors(yellow and orange) on that concepts. But choosing a color was not an easy task. So I remained it for adobe illustrator. Then made a book from all 7 foolscap pages using the stapler including a front page.

Next, I jumped into illustrator and started designing the best-chosen concepts. I explored various typefaces and layouts. Lastly, I found the best layout and then added a suitable color scheme related to shipping services. Also created the logo presentation for the client's review.

You can see my project here:

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Absolutely love the design
3 weeks ago by Toni-Louise O'Sullivan-Hayball - Reply
I really like the design
3 weeks ago by Gema - Reply

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