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Som-Num Mattress

3 years ago by Tess

We are an up-and-coming startup based in Seattle that develops smart mattresses, called �Som-Num� (from the Latin word somnum, meaning sleep). Our business is still very young as we have just finished the Kickstarter campaign for our Bluetooth-enabled mattress. We don�t have a good logo yet and we actually need one before the end of this week because the pre-ordered mattresses are going into production next week.

We would like to have a simple, but recognisable icon for our logo. The logo should be able to be easily embroidered on the mattresses, so no complex designs. We are already developing an app to go with it so it should work on smaller screens and in an app store. The icon should appear fun and not too serious.

Below, we have listed some of our competitors with logos that we like:

Helix Sleep
Tuft & Needle
Can you help us out?

Erica Perez

Founder and CEO of Som-Num"

All the brands listed used letters instead of images, so I followed that. The design is also easy to embroider. It's simple and looks hand-drawn, which gives it a more lighthearted feel.

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