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Create a new stream page for a streaming website

8 months ago by joacimnilsson
This is the page that lets you create a stream on a streaming website. Is it to dark?

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Sorry to jump in. New version looks great, is that live indicator supposed to be a button or just a way to let you know it's going to be live? If it's not tapable, maybe just have the element without the border and see how that feels.
8 months ago by Nathan
8 months ago by joacimnilsson
Thanks Liz and Clare! Okey will try to use the same color for the background and the form. Will aswell test the colors for red on the dark grey.
8 months ago by joacimnilsson
The red on the dark grey probably won't pass the web contrast test (as a guess) test your colours here:
8 months ago by Clare
Not to say dark, but heavy. Maybe try to use fewer outlines? Similar to this example: Or maybe you can make the background color the same color as the background color in the form. Similar to this:
8 months ago by Liz Zvereva