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Logo for

2 years ago by August van de Ven makes it more easy to browse second hand clothing and also helps you provide the right items for you with various different filters while promoting buying second hand. The logo is currently being used within the website and android app.

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when i saw this, i cannot figure out this logo represent what , is it an icon , a name pictogram or what. better if u make it in lettermark, so people will know that it is reworn, than only 'R' which is people gonna think it is nothing.
5 months ago by Sora
Agree with August van de Ven
1 year ago by joacimnilsson
When I looked at the logo my mind tried to make something out of it. Is it an "R"? Is it somehow a person? Is the whitespace something?
1 year ago by Rich Corbridge
I like the Logo! It is simple and people will recognize it. In my Opinion it is not a logo's job to describe anything about the company, a logo is just there to catches people eyes. I am just not a big fan of gradients. It's sometimes a problem to print gradients.
1 year ago by Magdalena
The lettermark is very interesting. A problem I have with this design is that it doesn't tell me anything about the business and what they do, at first it seemed to be about hair products. Maybe you could insert and apparel item into the negative space.
1 year ago by stancinovici
I used the golden ratio to make these curves more pleasing to look at. Most curves in the logo are actually based on the golden ratio.
2 years ago by August van de Ven