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Hi there,

I saw some of your past design work and I am writing to you because I think your style would work great with our business! I have been looking for a logo designer for quite a while now and was wondering if you could help us out.

We’re the proud owners of a small pizzeria in New York City. The pizzeria has been in our family for many generations and so has our logo. The logo has had some small tweaks every few years but we are looking for something new and less generic.

We still want our name “Piccio’s Pizzas” included in the logo and it would be great if the new logo could resemble the old one in some way, as many people are used to it. A problem we currently have is that the logo isn’t easily recognizable from a distance and that means that we lose customers who would have found us otherwise. We also feel that our current logo is too generic, we would like something unique.


Durante Piccio

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