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What Should I Design? Generate Design Prompts & Ideas

May 14, 2020 - By August van de Ven

What Should I Design? Generate Design Ideas

Practice is arguable the most important part of getting better at design. If you just started your career as a designer, it can be quite hard to get the right amount of practice as it is often hard to get your first clients and projects. This is where it comes in very handy to start your own projects and create some design projects for your portfolio or improve your design experience. Most designers already do this for fun and to get some practice but it can often be hard to come up with ideas for new things you should design if you’re not used to doing it or have done it too much that you can’t think of anything new anymore. Thankfully, there are a lot of great solutions to this problem as there are many designers who experience or have experienced exactly the same thing. There are lots of generators on the internet that are able to help you with ideas for what you should design. They will generate design ideas or prompts for you to give you some new ideas for things you want to design. This is a great way to get new ideas as it helps you get ideas from another perspective which will serve as more of a challenge and will diversify your work and experience a lot more.

FakeClients “What Should I Design”-Generator is one of these generators that can help you think of new ideas for things you should design. It is one of the most well-known generators for generating design ideas for practice or just for filling up your portfolio. It works just like the name would suggest, it generates design prompts as if they were from clients contacting you. Generating ideas for a thing you should design is a great way of getting more inspired and motivated because it forces you to think more outside of the box and explore new techniques and ideas. Besides the ‘What should I design generate’ on the homepage, there are a lot of other helpful resources on for if you don’t know what you should design. On for example, is a list of briefs that can be used exactly like the design prompt generator. The briefs are longer and contain more detailed specifications that make them more realistic to work with. The briefs are a great way to practice design if you already have had some experience working for clients and if the generator isn’t challenging enough for you.

Getting Feedback on your Designs

If you are looking to get better at design and gain some experience, it is always good to try and get some feedback on your work. Not only is it handy to have someone else look for potential mistakes or errors in your design, having your design seen from another perspective gives you an insight into how someone else perceives your work. When you’ve been staring at your work for hours at a time, it can be hard to find potential issues in your design or see things that can potentially be improved. is the perfect place to get some feedback on your work after you’ve used the generator to generate design ideas. It is a feedback platform specifically created for other designers that are working on practicing and improving their design skills by working with design prompts. Simply submit your design and maybe offer the other users some feedback on their work to improve the chances of getting feedback back from them.

Other Alternative ‘What should I design’-generators

If you are still looking for alternative ‘What should I design’-generators, there are a few other options that may work well for you. The Sharpen design generator is one of these alternatives. It doesn’t really work the same as the fakeclients generator though. It works by giving you two different prompt parts that are combined to give you a specific prompt. This can be helpful if you’re a beginner or if you’re looking for some simple prompts but they can often be quite vague or not make much sense.

What Should I Design? Generate Design Ideas