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This Site is the Unsplash for Illustrations

May 12, 2020 (updated) - By August van de Ven

Sign up and choose out of 18,000 illustrations: Envato Elements

When you want to use an image or illustration from the internet, you probably know that you’ll always have to make sure that you have permission from the right holder. If you are used to grabbing images from google, this could lead to legal issues and/or fines. Due to this being a big issue for many website owners, sites that offer royalty-free images have quickly risen into popularity. These sites allow people to use resources like images to be used without paying royalties and let the user use these images without even having to credit and/or link back to the copyright holder. If you work in any creative or online field, you’ve likely already heard of Unsplash. It gained a ton of popularity over the years because of its wide offering and beautifully shot photos that are perfect for any website backdrop or for supporting images on blog posts and other website pages. Since Unsplash was launched, there have come many new sites that work similarly like Unsplash. Sites like Pexels have become just as popular as Unsplash and have been offering images just like those Unsplash offers. These sites still mostly offer pictures, however, and if you’re looking for other resources, you’d still need to look somewhere else, unfortunately.

Unsplash for Illustrations

Luckily, there are some great options for sites that work much like Unsplash when it comes to finding illustrations specifically. Most sites in the past were made mostly for large corporations and often charge multiple hundreds of dollars for image licenses or subscriptions. Envato Elements is a site that solves this issue and works much like Unsplash. Envato Elements only charges users a small monthly fee that gives them access to over 1.4 million creative assets. They offer everything from fonts to vector illustrations. Their site, for example, has a collection of over 18,000 beautiful illustrations that you can use for your next project.

How to use Envato Elements for Illustrations

It is very simple to start using the illustrations on Envato Elements. Simply create an account and subscribe on the website, and you’ll have access to thousands of creative resources and illustrations. There are a lot of different categories you can choose from with regards to the different types of resources you need. After you’ve signed up and subscribed, you’ll have access to all the resources Envato Elements offer, including their illustrations. To find good illustrations, simply go to the website and in the top menu, hover over ‘ Browse’. Then hover over the graphics section and in the submenu that will appear, you’ll find ‘Illustrations’ at the bottom. Click on it and you’ll get to the illustration section of Envato Elements. You can then browse through the thousands of different illustrations they offer, and see if there’s something you like. If you are looking for something specific, you can also use the filter options in the side menu to narrow your search. You can even use the filter to only show you vector illustrations or only Photoshop files for example. This is an excellent option for if you want to be able to edit the illustration later or if you want to make sure that you get the highest resolution for your illustration. When you’ve found what you’re looking for, you just click on it and press the download button to download the files to use the illustrations or just save them for later.

How to use illustrations to improve your work

Illustrations can be incredibly useful to convey a certain message to the users or viewers of your work. Illustrations are one of the most effective and easiest ways you can try to give users a certain feeling when interacting with your work. This is one reason why illustrations are so widely used nowadays within industries like web design and physical design work like posters or flyers. If you want your users to feel comfortable or you want your brand to seem more playful, adding illustrations is an easy way to achieve this goal. You should, however, try not to overuse them. If you use too many illustrations, it can quickly seem forced and ingenuine.

Large businesses often have the money to hire illustrators to create a set of custom illustrations for them. For many people, however, hiring an illustrator to create custom-made illustrations for their work is simply too expensive. Luckily there are many new places that try to solve this problem and make it easier for other businesses and brands to use illustrations to improve their image. Envato Elements is a website that makes it very easy and inexpensive for small businesses and independent designers or creatives to get access to thousands of pre-made illustrations and use them for their future projects.

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