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Best UI Design Classes on Skillshare - Learn User Interface Design on Skillshare

June 3, 2021 - By August van de Ven
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What is User Interface Design

In quite a short amount of time, user interface design has become one of the most important and sought after fields of design. Every time you use an app on your phone or browse the internet, you're interacting with a user interface or UI for short. This is also why companies are looking for more and more UI designers as online businesses and apps continue to expand. Companies are also recognizing the importance a good user interface has. While there wasn't much attention given to user interfaces when the first apps were being released, these days, companies know the effect a bad UI can have on the usability of their app and satisfaction of their users. When even little changes in an interface can have a big effect, companies are more inclined to invest more in their user interface. While this field of design seems to keep growing in popularity, it can still be quite hard to learn more about it. The main reason behind this problem seems to be the fact that this field of design is quite new and the trends and practices in UI design are constantly changing. Luckily, there has been an influx of UI design classes on the internet. Sites like Skillshare already have a large collection of all kinds of UI design classes. Learning online has become the main way that designers have been learning about UI design as that seems to be the easiest way to spread knowledge about this field of design.

User Interface Design on Skillshare

Using the Skillshare video classes is one of the best ways of learning user interface design. Skillshare currently offers over 1,100 classes on user interface design so there are more than enough classes for you to try out. Below is a short list of some of the best Skillshare UI design classes you should watch.

Designing for the Future: UI/UX Prototyping

This class covers both user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. The class is marked as a class for beginners as it covers the fundamentals of UI and UX. It's a great class to get started with learning user interface design. The class is taught by Patricia Reiners, a top teacher on Skillshare.

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UI & Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC

If you already work with Adobe software like Photoshop or have used Adobe Illustrator in the past, this class is worth checking out. It will teach you all the basics of UI design using Adobe Illustrator, one of the most-used programs to design user interfaces. The class is over four hours long and is taught by another Skillshare top teacher and a certified Adobe trainer so you can be sure you'll learn everything you need to know about UI design in Adobe Illustrator.

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Learn our UI design process - Prototype apps & websites.

Another great way of learning more about UI design is by seeing how other designers work out their user interface designs. That's exactly how this class goes through the process of designing an interface while teaching you the essentials of UI design. The class is taught by Justin Marchant, the owner and founder of Black Bear Creative, a creative studio based in Australia.

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