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How to use Skillshare to start your logo design career

Jan 3, 2021 - By August van de Ven

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It has become a lot easier to get started as a logo designer these days. Due to the number of online resources that have become more popular lately, you can now learn about logo design from the just internet alone. Online learning has also made it possible to get lessons from not just an ordinary teacher, but industry experts. Skillshare is one of the most popular online learning websites and they have recently added quite a few courses thought by famous experts. A good example is the course on Skillshare by famous designer Paula Scher. Learning from experts in their field has always been a great way to start off your career. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can use Skillshare to start off your logo design career and become an expert at logo design yourself.

Find the Right First Skillshare Class for You

When it comes to learning logo design on Skillshare, there are a ton of options of Skillshare classes to choose from and you’ll have to find the right class for you. First of all, you’ll want to look at the difficulty of the class and try to match that with your experience in logo design but also look at the general content of the class and see if it matches your interests. To start looking for logo design classes go to the logo design page on Skillshare: If you aren’t sure yet, about which specific field of logo design you want to get into, you should start out with the more general logo design classes on Skillshare. After that, you can move on to more specific classes in topics that interest you.

The Right Skill Level

A handy way of quickly finding out if the class is the right skill level for you is to check the skills level that Skillshare displays right under the class you are watching. If you have just started out with logo design, choosing a class that’s in the beginner level may be the best option for you while you should choose intermediate or high when you’ve already got some experience designing logos. If you are unsure about your skill level you can always go for the “All levels” classes or just try out a class and see how it goes.

Finding high-quality logo design classes

At first, it may seem hard to pick one of the hundreds of classes on logo design, or if you’re searching for something specific, finding a high-quality class that you can follow. There are a bunch of ways you can determine if a class is well made. If you want to quickly find classes with a high production value, research, and expert teachers, you should look for the Skillshare Originals. You can spot them by looking for the “Original” logo in the corner. These classes are produced by Skillshare themselves and often include famous industry experts.

Moving on after your first classes

When you are following a class on Skillshare, it is always a good idea to work alongside it. Don’t just watch the class but try to immediately apply what you learned to your logo design work. Whether it is working for a real client or for an imaginary one, it’s always better to practice what you learn. One of the benefits of working while learning is that you are already working on building your portfolio right from the start. A portfolio is important in your logo design career. When you apply for your first job or want to apply to art school, you’ll likely get asked to see your portfolio.

After you’ve finished your first Skillshare logo design class, it’s a good idea to try and further your knowledge and experience with other classes. If you already feel like you’ve got the essentials down, you can try watching classes with more specific topics or techniques you think you’d like. Of all the Skillshare logo design classes, most are classes that cover more specific topics of logo design so there is plenty to choose from.