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Is Skillshare Worth It?

18 February 2020
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What exactly is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online platform that provides you with digital classes. The site is designed for both students and teachers and has over 20.000 classes. Since its start in 2010, Skillshare has grown to be one of the most affordable and biggest teaching platforms out there, and on top of that, it even has thousands of free classes. It is made to give people easy access to learning a new skill, without having to leave the comfort of your own space. Also, Skillshare it not just for a secluded amount of people, as the classes have an insanely wide range of topics. You can choose to follow classes that teach or improve your illustration skills for instance, but you can also follow a class in entrepreneurship, something completely different. The categories to choose from consist of animation, design, illustration, lifestyle, photo & film, business, and writing, with lots of subcategories to each of them. Skillshare is a great website for if you are looking to improve your business, learn a language or for if you are just looking to master a new skill or improve an old one.

Within Skillshare, you can also follow your favorite teachers, save certain classes in order to not lose them, search on specific topics and follow those and many more interesting and very useful possibilities. You can also write a review of the workshops that you have followed and read the reviews of others before you start these classes that seem interesting to you.

What are the costs?

A Skillshare subscription can either costs twelve dollars a month when paying monthly or eight dollars a month when you choose to pay annually, which eventually adds up to 96 dollars a year. This may seem a bit much, but it is actually only forty cents per day if you decide to pay monthly, which is much less than one would pay for real-life classes. Also, you do not only get access to the insanely large amount of over 20.000 classes, you also get the chance to download each class and watch them without an internet connection, no advertisement of any kind, a way to support the teachers whose workshops you follow and helps support those who cannot afford those monthly costs. Because, not only does Skillshare have the option of going premium for twelve to eight dollars, it also gives you an opportunity of signing up for a scholarship, which can give you a discount of fifty to one hundred percent. Therefore, Skillshare is also a great option for those who are currently not in a good enough state financially to pay for lessons but still have a desire to learn. If these terms are still not good enough, Skillshare also has loads of free classes you can work with and has the option of trying out the entire website for a month without paying. All in all, Skillshare is quite cheap for what it truly provides, as normally the high-quality classes you can get on Skillshare for only a few to no dollars a month, can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars in real life.

What are the downsides of using Skillshare?

Most people who have used Skillshare in the past or are currently using it seems to be quite content with the website and its results. The only complaint that can be found against it could be that Skillshare does not give a notice when you have run out of your free one or 14-day trial. This can be quite stressful when you forget to pay attention to the deadline and weren't looking for a premium account but it is also a mistake that is not hard at all to fix and completely in your hands. Once you remember to either sign out after your trial or simply to go along with a membership, this issue is no longer of any trouble to you or your wallet.

Is Skillshare truly worth it?

Skillshare is a great website for not only beginners, but also for professionals who are looking to learn and/or improve their skillset, and a great way for teachers or professionals to show of their current skills and put them to good use. It does come at a cost, but relatively speaking, these costs are very low when compared to real classes and are definitely cheap for the number of workshops it gives you access to. It should also be kept in mind that with the lessons of Skillshare and with the possibility of improving your new skills, you could actually start to make or make even more money when using these skills professionally, making the costs of the websites even more worth it.

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