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How to Draw the BTS logo (4 Simple Steps)

November 10, 2022 - By August van de Ven
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Who Are BTS?

BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan, is a boy band from South Korea. The group, consisting of seven members, was formed in 2010 and had their debut in 2013. After the release of their first album, the band quickly gained a lot of popularity in South Korea with their second album selling over one million copies. Their success spread to much of the rest of the world in the years after. The genre of music they create is known as K-pop which is similar to hip-hop and pop and most of their music is written and produced by BTS themselves.

What Does the BTS Logo Mean?

When BTS started as a boy band in 2010, they first used a logo that showed a bullet-proof vest with the letters BTS written on it. The vest was in reference to their name that roughly translates to "Bulletproof Boy Scouts". The logo was later changed to one made up of four black circles and after that they briefly used a similar one made up of four white circles with a blue outline. In 2017 they finally changed their logo to its current version, made up of the two mirrored black trapezoids with a sharp angle at the top. The current BTS logo symbolizes two half-opened doors.

How to Draw the BTS Logo

The BTS logo is probably one of the easier logos to draw while it mainly consists of straight lines and angles. The hardest part of drawing the BTS logo is, like most combination marks, the letters under the symbol. While the letters are sans-serif and line up with the symbol above them, it fortunately isn't as difficult as, for example, drawing the Coca-Cola logo.

Step 1: Draw the Outline of the BTS Symbol

Step 1 of drawing the BTS logo: Draw the Outline of the BTS Symbol

The first step in drawing the BTS logo is to start with the outlines of the BTS symbol. You'll have to start with two vertical lines between which you'll draw the entire logo. After that, draw two close lines in the middle. To finish the shapes, draw the four diagonal lines that create the mirrored, pointy edges of the symbol. Make sure to create slightly sharper edges at the top of the trapezoids than at the bottom.

Step 2: Draw a the Outlines for the BTS letters

Step 2 of drawing the BTS logo: Draw a the Outlines for the BTS letters

As the BTS letters have the same width as the symbol above it, continue the vertical outside lines of the symbol to create a box for the BTS letters. While the letter "T" also roughly lines up with the vertical lines above it, you can continue these lines downward as well. Now simply draw two horizontal lines to finish the outline for the lettermark to fit in.

Step 3: Draw the BTS Letters Inside the Outlines

Step 3 of drawing the BTS logo: Draw the BTS Letters Inside the Outlines

Now comes the hardest part of drawing the BTS logo, and the part that requires some skill in drawing letters as you can't fully rely on the outlines. Draw the letters with the help of your outlines. Keep in mind that the letters are roughly the same width and also have roughly the same stroke width which should make it easier to draw them.

Step 4: Fill in the Symbol and BTS Letters

Step 4 of drawing the BTS logo: Fill in the Symbol and BTS Letters

The last and easiest step is to fill everything in and erase any outlines that were still visible.

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