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Generate Graphic Design Project Ideas

April 26, 2021 - By August van de Ven

Generate Graphic Design Project Ideas:

Why work on graphic design projects?

As you likely already know, graphic design is a field where experience and portfolios are essential. Not only helps it improve your skills, but a portfolio is also most likely needed when you are applying to a new job. While a portfolio is often mostly made up of your past work for other clients, when you have just started out as a graphic designer, this can be an issue as you likely haven't had many clients already. To solve this issue, many graphic designers that have just started out, start by working on their own projects or try to think of hypothetical projects for imaginary clients. This can help you get your first practice project in and create a small portfolio to display at your first graphic design job.

How to think of graphic design project ideas?

To get started working on graphic design projects for practice or to create a portfolio, you'll need to think of some ideas for projects you can work on. For most graphic designers starting out, this likely won't be a problem in the beginning. Everyone can think of a few fun ideas that you can easily work out into a graphic design project. It can become an issue however when you are done with those first few ideas you thought of and can't think of any more ideas. There are some simple ways in which you can think of some new ideas though. One way of finding some new ideas is to just look around in your area and try to find graphic designs that can be improved. This is a great way of practicing graphic design as it helps you think of real-world examples and scenarios in which these designs are used. And, if you are satisfied with your design at the end, you could even contact the person associated with the design you improved and see if they may be interested in your services.

What to do if you can't think of any graphic design project ideas?

If you've finished all the possible graphic design project ideas you could think of, and tried to find new ideas in your area but are struggling to think of more graphic design project ideas, there are some other options you can use. Another great option to help yourself get more graphic design project ideas is to use a graphic design idea generator. These generators generate random prompts that you can work on as if they were clients asking you for your services.

Generate graphic design project ideas

One of these generators you can use to generate graphic design project ideas is With FakeClients, you can generate an unlimited number of graphic design prompts that you can use to practice or to help expand your portfolio. To use FakeClients to generate graphic design project ideas, you simply click the generate prompt button. Once you get a prompt that you like, you can start working on it.

Graphic design project ideas using written briefs

If you've used to FakeClients generator but are looking for more of a challenge and a more realistic way of practicing graphic design, you can also try out the written FakeClients briefs. These briefs are a lot longer than the generated prompts and go a bit more in-depth into the requirements and wishes of the imaginary client. This can be very helpful in getting used to working for real clients in the future while getting some practice and expanding your portfolio.

Generate Graphic Design Project Ideas: