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A List of Interesting and Original Drawing Ideas

May 8, 2020

Drawing idea generator:

Practise is one of the most important steps in improving your drawing process. However, when drawing, and especially once you start to draw fairly often, it can often be difficult to find new and fresh inspiration. This can get in the way of keeping your practice at a maximum. To give you some new inspiration and help you stay on your artistic journey, here is a detailed list of some awesome drawing ideas, and even other useful websites to help you get inspired in the future.

Here is a list of drawing prompt examples, that you can use for drawing ideas:

To generate more examples like these, go to or


Celebrities can be very interesting to draw and especially helpful if you would like to practice your art skills. Since they are incredibly well known, there are loads of reference pictures to choose from on the internet. Next to that, drawing people or portraits can be very helpful to not only learn more about facial structures but also really learn how to draw certain details and characteristics to make a face look like an actual person. Also, drawing celebrities can be very useful for creating your own style. By altering your style while still trying to make a person look like who you want them to look like, you really have to pay attention to how you go about your style and the way you work, which can help you develop your style.

Certain examples for this category could be Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Brad Pitt, Marilyn Monroe, Micheal Jordan, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey, Christiano Ronaldo, and many more.

Nature and animals

Another way to practice your art is by drawing things out of nature. Drawing certain plants can be a bit easier than doing celebrity portraits since most plants are much less detailed and freer to improvise with. However, you can easily make it more difficult for yourself by drawing intricate flowers for instance, and getting really creative with it. You can do this by searching images online of certain greens, but even more fun would be to go outside, if possible, and search for the plants yourself. Besides plants, there are many other great things to draw outside. Think for example of all the cute animals and creatures that you can draw inspiration off. And if you do not have the access to real-life animals, try and draw one from memory, or make one up for yourself. The amazing thing with plants and animals is that you can get as detailed and complex as you want with it.

Some examples of things to draw out of nature are: roses, sunflowers, leaves, a landscape, a sunset, the moon, clouds, mountains, a field, lilies, tulips, a dog, a horse, a frog, a salamander, a camel, a duck, a goat, a butterfly, a squirrel, a wolf, and you name it.

Dynamic poses

If you are trying to work on your realism within human proportions or stands, you should try to practice by drawing different dynamic poses. These poses teach you more about how exactly the human body works, how it turns and bends, and how to make it look more realistically. It does not have to be difficult and you can simply just sketch each pose to however it pleases you and looks good to you. One way to practice this is by drawing random people and their poses around you or by drawing yourself in certain poses. However, this might not be for everybody, and for those, there is also a website to help you with getting inspiration to draw these poses. On, you get to generate random poses which you can then copy to try and draw for yourself.


If you would like to try something else with your art skills and mix it up a bit, drawing logos could be quite a fun activity. With logos, you can get as unique and creative as you would like, while still having to really think about what your design should be about and represent. If you need to get some inspiration on what logos the draw, you could try redesigning the logos from already existing brands, as a fun challenge to try and find a way to improve it. Another way to get inspired, whilst using original tasks, is by using, a website that randomly generates logo design briefs for you to use for free.

If after all of these suggestions, you still find yourself feeling uninspired, try using, a similar website to FakeClients but made especially for generating drawing ideas. Other than that, you could also give a go at drawing architecture, think of bridges, churches, and houses for instance. Or maybe make a self-portrait! That can always be a fun challenge every once in a while. There will always be unique things for you to draw, you might just have to look for them here and there.