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7 Design Brief Examples of All Kinds - Logo, Graphic, Web, UI & UX Design

June 27, 2021 - By August van de Ven

Whether you are a designer, looking to practice using some design brief examples, or you are a client looking to write your first design brief, some examples can certainly prove very useful. Below is a list of design briefs, ranging from logo design to UX design and from personal brands, to growing startups. This large range of briefs means that whatever you are looking for, you're sure to find a brief that fits best with your use case.

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Logo Design Brief Examples

Logo design briefs can be quite simple as most logo designers don't like to be constrained by too many specific requirements. It is, however, always a good idea to provide the designer with some inspiration like logos of competitors, logos you like, and the brand's established colors.

Logo design brief for a personal brand


I came by some of your work online and love it! The reason I'm contacting you is that I need a logo for my personal brand and was wondering if you could help me out with that. I don't have a very high budget so I would prefer it if you don't spend too much time on it.

I'm an illustrator and I need a logo of my own name for my website, social media and possibly to be used on my books. What I would like is my name, Michelle Gobeil, displayed like it was written with a pencil or brush or anything like that. It would be perfect if you could create the logo without using a font because I would like it to be unique.

Can you help me with that?


Michelle Gobeil

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Logo design brief for a medium-sized local business


My name is Lorrie and I am the marketing director of DTP Shipping Solutions, a shipping company based in Dallas, Texas. We currently provide shipping services to businesses based in Texas but we are looking to expand to more states and think a new logo would fit great with the expansion.

Because we provide a B2B service, our logo needs to look very formal and professional. Other shipping businesses' logos are great examples of this but we don't want it to look like those. Make it unique and recognizable. The logo will need to be printed on our entire fleet of trucks and vans but also on office supplies like pens and paper and thus needs to work well on all of those formats.

We want you to create three versions of the logo so we can test them all out and see which one works best and which one people like most.

Lorrie Martinez

2429 Formula Lane

Dallas, TX 75207

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Logo design brief for a growing start-up


We are an up-and-coming startup based in Seattle that develops smart mattresses, called "Som-Num" (from the Latin word somnum, meaning sleep). Our business is still very young as we have just finished the Kickstarter campaign for our Bluetooth-enabled mattress. We don't have a good logo yet and we actually need one before the end of this week because the pre-ordered mattresses are going into production next week.

We would like to have a simple, easily recognizable icon for our logo. The logo should be able to be easily embroidered on the mattresses, so no complex designs. We are already developing an app to go with it so it should work on smaller screens and in an app store. The icon should appear fun and not too serious.

Below, we have listed some of our competitors with logos that we like:

- Casper

- Helix Sleep

- Tuft & Needle

Can you help us out?

Erica Perez

Founder and CEO of Som-Num

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Other Types of Design Brief Examples

Besides logo design, there are a lot more fields of design. Briefs for other fields of design like UX or UI design can get quite a bit more complicated as there are often a lot more factors and important requirements involved that aren't necessarily used in logo design briefs.

User interface design brief for a food delivery start-up


I am Will, chief executive officer of Freshly Dropped, a food service that delivers freshly picked meal boxes for you to prepare at home. The recipes and items are carefully selected to our customer's wishes and needs and delivered right to their doorstep, making it incredibly easy to still cook and eat healthy and delicious without having to go through the hassle of finding the perfect recipe and ingredients. We would currently like to expand and also create an app with just recipes. This way we can get people into cooking on their own terms and be able to choose their own recipes and then choose if they want to order the ingredients through the Freshly Dropped service or just get them themselves by doing groceries. We would like you to design the interface of this app. On the homepage, we would like our users to be able to just scroll through recipes that they might find interesting. There should also be a function to filter the recipes (e.g. filter on ingredients or courses), a search bar to type in ingredients or dishes, and a button to press if you do want to order something through Freshly Dropped. We also want there to be different tabs within the app on the bottom of the screen (as in Instagram), where you can see the recipes that you have favorited, your shopping list, and an 'about' page of Freshly Dropped. We want you to use some shade of light green in the app, as it fits the fresh vegetable vibe. I hope to hear back from you soon.



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Web design brief for a record label


My name is Jay, I am the owner and face behind Mocking by Jay, a major record label that is mostly focused on rap music. We manage loads of different artists and therefore are quite a large company whose image is changing constantly. Each new artist adds something new to the label and we always try and encourage our musicians to really push forward with whatever makes them stand out. With our constantly changing label's image, often also comes an update within the look of the label's website. Since it has been quite some time since the last time that the Mocking by Jay website has had a redesign, we figured it was about time for one. For that reason, we would like you to design a simple landing page. We want the site to come off as very independent, very urban, and chill. Because that is also how we work here at Mocking by Jay. We always like our stars to be comfortable and proud of the work that they put out. The site will mainly be used for people to book our artists through, so that should be the main focus. Next to that, there should be something you can click if you want to see more about our artists or about the label and somewhere you can go within the site if you want to book a studio session. We want the landing page to be clean though, so do not make it too crowded with buttons and images and such. It would be best if you primarily used the colors red and black. I hope these instructions are clear and I am looking forward to what you come up with.



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Graphic design brief for a small local business


My name is Malcolm, I am the co-owner of our floristry company Jennifer's Heaven (named after my wife), and we are currently looking for new ways to expand our business. We first want to find new potential investors and get a little bit more status within the floral business. In order to do so, we need to elevate the image of our company and with that, re-design our business card. Our current card is quite old and designed by me, and I am by no means a designer. Therefore we are currently seeking out help with the design and getting it professionally done by someone who is more specialized than me this time. We would like it to be clear that we are a floristry, whilst still maintaining a very professional look. We do not want it to be overly colorful and childish since we are quite a bit more high-end compared to other florists. We want the card to of course say Jennifer's Heaven, but also that we are a floristry, our phone number 201-629-5550, and our email [email protected]. Most of the design choices are completely up to you, however, it would be nice though to give the card a bit of a heavenly look since it is a nice play on the business' name. For that same reason, we would also like rounded edges, to make it look more like a cloud.

Thank you in advance.



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User experience design brief for a clothing store

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are Shoptacle, a large clothing store, with several stores all over the country. We are in desperate need of a UX designer since we are planning on turning our brand into an online webshop. We have a large selection of designer clothing, designer shoes, and accessories and some of the items sell out in one store whilst there is still a surplus in the other store, which is why we thought it would be best to create a webshop as well. This way we can maximize our offer and regulate our customer's needs better. Here at Shoptacle, we stand for luxury, efficiency, and honesty, something we would like to represent through both our physical and online stores and into the shopping experience of every single one of our beloved customers. To make this actually work, we want you to design us a way to easily and effectively search through clothes, shoes, and accessories and place an order on our new webshop. We want the shopping experience to be as smooth and efficient as possible and for our customers to be able to shop without any flaws, just as how they would in the physical clothing stores that we have now. Since we have had some issues with our planning, this job is quite a time-sensitive one and we need the design to be ready as fast as possible. We hope this is possible for you and we are looking forward to your design.



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