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The Best Daily UX Design Challenge

8-20-2019 (updated) - By August van de Ven

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It can be quite challenging to get really good at UX design. Because it’s such a relatively new topic, there aren’t that many solutions to get practice easily like there are with drawing or just graphic design in general. One great way to get better at UX design, however, is to do a UX design challenge. Sadly, there aren’t a lot of those out there but FakeClients has an excellent solution to that problem. Using FakeClients’ generator, you can now generate an unlimited number of UX design prompts for you to practice your UX design skills on. The great thing is, that you can use it however you’d like. If you prefer to work on a UX design prompt every once in a while like once a week, you can do it that way. Many people, however, choose to set a greater challenge for themselves to get better at UX design. They’ll often do a daily UX design challenge. This means that you’ll set yourself to work on a UX design challenge at least once per day. This forces you to improve and helps you get used to working according to a set of requirements in the challenge for that day. Daily design challenges have been rising quickly in popularity because of social media. Because of platforms like Instagram and Facebook reward users that post more often, posting a new design every day is a great way of growing your following and getting more exposure on these platforms.

Why should you start a daily UX Design Challenge?

Doing a UX design challenge, like those on FakeClients, is not only a great way of getting better at UX design, it will also prepare you for things like UX design job interviews. If you want to get into UX design professionally or just want to practice on some challenges before your interview, doing a UX design challenge is a great way of doing that. Many companies actually give you an assignment just like one of these UX design challenges that FakeClients generates. By doing them a few times, you’ll begin to feel comfortable doing UX design according to an assignment. Doing a daily UX design challenge also prepares you for your job in a way. After all, when you are working as a UX designer, you’re expected to do UX every day. This is a way of preparing you while you find out if you are actually into it or not.

How to do the Daily UX Challenge

Before starting the Daily UX Challenge, it’s important to know how to use the FakeClients UX challenges and how to interpret and use them. If you have already used FakeClients before, you’d have noticed that the generated UX challenges created by FakeClients are very concise and not that detailed. They aren’t supposed to look exactly like a brief you’d get from a real client but rather are made to give you an idea and let you start from there. Using FakeClients daily UX challenges, you learn to use your creativity to think of factors like an ideal customer or industry and think of the challenges that come with those factors. Or you can do a UX challenge just for fun, without any other factors, it’s completely up to you.

What is UX design?

Most people haven’t really heard about UX design yet or don’t really get what it means exactly. It takes quite sometime before new terms like these get mainstream and ordinary people will understand what they mean. That’s why most people will often call any type of design ‘graphic design’. People find it hard to understand that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes before a design actually gets put together graphically. The research and decisions behind it often get forgotten quite easily. This is where UX design gets into play mostly. UX design is a form of design that will look more at the experience of the users than the looks of a design. This is why UX design is called ‘user experience design’ in full. UX designers will try to do more research into the behavior of the specific users of an application or website. They will try to gain an understanding of how a user of that application or website would go about browsing through it and interacting with its components.

Being a UX designer is a relatively new concept in the design world. UX stands for user experience and refers to the feeling a person gets when using a product. The term UX is most commonly used in commerce and digital products like apps and websites. When people use your app or website to perform a particular action, you want it to be as easy as possible while keeping practicality in mind. UX design has become an increasingly popular job description, especially for large online businesses. This trend is due to the fact that UX designers have been able to grow conversion and customer satisfaction significantly by following these practices. This makes UX design a very valuable and useful job for large enterprises.

Why should you learn UX design?

In the past, designers would often be mostly focused on purely the visual aspect of a design. This may have been useful when the internet wasn’t around and graphic design wasn’t as interactive. However, these days, UX design is becoming more and more important. This is because the designs that people interact with are more popular than ever. For example, the Facebook app gets used daily by millions of people. In that case, the way a design functions may be even more important than how it looks. The demand for UX design and UX designers is rising every year so that also makes it a great job opportunity.

Other Daily UX Design Challenges

As I said, there aren’t many other options for daily UX challenges besides the FakeClients UX generator. Most daily design challenges will send you an email every day for thirty days. This helps you to stay committed during the whole thirty days but limits you in the freedom to choose how you will take on the challenge. The most well known daily UX challenge is the daily UX challenge. Unfortunately, as of writing, the challenge is currently not live. You can, however, sign up to get an email once the challenge is back up again.