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Best Daily Design Challenges for Logo Designers, UI/UX Designers, and Graphic Designers

3-21-2019 (updated) - By August van de Ven

Doing a daily design challenge is a great way to train your design skills and become a better designer. You’ll get used more to working according to a design brief and build up a portfolio in the meanwhile. It’s also a great way to build up a following on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter or Dribbble when you post a design every day.

FakeClients Design Challenges

We at provide a design brief generator that works great for using it as a daily design challenge. Set a clear set of days you’ll do the challenge for and then use the FakeClients generator each day to generate a special design brief for that day. FakeClients even provides design briefs for logo designers, graphic designers, web designers, and illustrators so your daily design challenge isn’t limited to logo design or UI design.

Where most people fail a daily design challenge is keeping up with it. Many people start a daily design challenge but the vast majority of people quit after a few days of designing. It is important to set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t start out doing a 365-day daily design challenge because you’ll probably not make it if you’re just starting out. Start by doing a 7-day challenge and see where you can go from there. You also have to create incentives for yourself. Set a daily alarm to let yourself know to design something that day, put it on your calendar but also tell your friends and followers. They will help you stay accountable which will make the chance that you actually finish it much greater.

LogoCore Thirty Day Logo Challenge

LogoCore also provides an excellent thirty-day logo challenge. While the thirty days duration is less than most of the daily design challenges in this list, its briefs are very high quality and realistic and even provide visual references. This daily design challenge is great for beginning designers as you can get feedback and help from their discord community and they will even repost your work in some cases to help you build a following as a designer.

Daily UI Design Challenge

Daily UI currently is one of the most well known daily design challenges out there. They have over 100,000 designers that have already signed up for the challenge and have had designers from companies like Disney, Netflix, Microsoft, Airbnb, and many more big businesses that have signed up for their daily design challenge.

Daily UI challenges are also extremely popular on social media platforms like Instagram. Be sure to share them on there and there’s a great chance that you end up gaining some followers that are interested in your work. When you use the right hashtags and post something every day, you’ll see a great increase in your likes and following. That’s because Instagram likes it when people post something every day rather than like every week and they will boost your posts.

The Daily Logo Challenge

The Daily Logo Challenge is a design challenge specifically aimed at logo design. It’s also a free challenge that gets sent to your inbox and lasts for 50 days. The challenge is less popular than the Daily UI challenge but The Daily Logo Challenge has its own hashtag with over 60.000 posts. The community thus is still very active.

Daily UX Challenge

The Daily UX Challenge is a fairly simple challenge compared to the other two design challenges but this one focuses mainly on UX design instead of logos or UI and it’s an excellent training opportunity for aspiring UX designers. This challenge is a little shorter and only lasts 20 days. These challenges range from designing a contact section for a website to creating a new design for a wallet.

Dribbble Design Challenges

While Dribbble, of course, isn’t really a daily design challenge, because so many are sharing their daily design challenge work on Dribbble, you can create some great challenges for yourself by just looking up daily design posts on Dribbble. Use the same subject as the Dribbble posters and even use the post as inspiration or reference to practice on it.

Redesigning existing brands

You’ve probably come across your fair share of very bad logos in your life. Whenever you walk through a busy street with a lot of stores and people, there are so many logos that you probably don’t even notice most of them. Many of these logos are bad or simply horrible. A great daily design challenge is to look for these horrible logos and try to redesign them. It is probably a bit harder than just coming up with a business to design something for because these businesses already exist. Think about their mission, clients and goals and what type of design might work best for them. Of course, you can also do this if you’re a web designer, visit businesses websites and look for ones you can improve. If you’re doing a good job, you can even send them your designs and there’s a great chance they’ll like it as well.

Design Jobs

Another great way to get some inspiration for design exercises is to look for design jobs. There are many sites that let people post their design jobs like “Design a logo for X brand” that can help you practice. Just start designing as if these people were your clients and pick a new job each day. This way you won’t only get used to designing but you’ll also get some experience working for clients even though they aren’t really your clients. You can even send them your work if you're happy with it and offer it to them. They’ll probably like that you took the time and may even ask you for future jobs.