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Best Drawing Inspiration Ideas for Illustrators and People Who Sketch or Draw


Getting new drawing inspiration ideas often seems like an impossible job once you start to try coming up with new ideas. Fortunately, there are many new solutions that will help you come up with new drawing inspiration ideas for your drawings. The methods in this list will help you get new inspiration and ideas for new things to draw when you can’t think of any. Be sure to try them all out yourself to get a feeling which one fits you best.

FakeClients Drawing Inspiration Ideas

With FakeClients.com/illustration, you can generate an unlimited number of drawing inspiration ideas, just by clicking the start button. The FakeClients generator will generate briefs that state different requirements for things to draw. They are written as if they were sent by a potential client writing you to do a illustration job. This will not only help you learn to stick to specific requirements but will also help you learn to work for clients if you want to become a professional illustrator.


Drawing Inspiration Ideas on FakeClients.com/Feedback

If you are looking for visual inspiration for drawing ideas, FakeClients.com/Feedback is a great place to find some new inspiring work. FakeClients.com/Feedback is the feedback section of FakeClients. It lets people using FakeClients easily upload their work letting other people give feedback and get inspired. Aside from getting and giving feedback, it’s a great place to get some new inspiration for things to draw. Simply find a cool post you like or you think could use some improvements and try to give it your own style in your drawing.


Pinterest Drawing Inspiration Ideas

Pinterest is one of the most popular places to get drawing inspiration. It is also a great way of getting new drawing inspiration ideas if you don’t know what to draw. Look up what you want to draw or just use generic terms and pick something to draw from the list of pins. It can become quite repetitive after a while if you use it a lot and look up more generic terms. The trick is to get more specific and combine it with tools like FakeClients. Generate a new drawing idea you like using FakeClients and look it up later using Pinterest to get some inspiration for that idea.