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ArtPrompts Alternatives, Free Prompt Generators Like

13 January 2020 - By August van de Ven

Use the ArtPrompts Alternative:

What is ArtPrompts?

When you start out as an illustrator or you’re just looking to draw for fun, it can often be hard to come up with new drawing ideas after you’ve been drawing, painting or illustrating for a while. That’s where an art prompt generator comes in handy. An art prompt generator is a website or app that people can use to get these new drawing painting or illustration ideas. These art prompt generators work by having a few large lists of potential prompt parts that get combined randomly when you click the button to generate an art prompt. is one of these art prompt generators and one of the most popular and well-known ones. The site works well and is really simple to use. When you visit the homepage, you’ll need to click a category you’d like to work on and then it will generate an art prompt for you. You can repeat this process until you get one that you like. ArtPrompts is certainly a good site to start out on, practicing drawing, illustration, etc. It fairly limited in its functionality, however. The prompts are quite short and often don’t make much sense. Luckily there are many sites that offer great alternatives to Sites that have more elaborate prompts and have better ways of customizing the prompts you want. Down & Captcha Issues

Lately, many people seem to have had issues with being down and/or not working for them. Users are shown a captcha screen that doesn’t go away after solving the captcha. This has let many people try to seek for a solution or better alternative. Unfortunately, these issues have been going on for a few months now and there don’t seem to be any fixes to this problem as of now.

FakeClients’ Art Prompt Generator offers a great alternative to’s art prompt generator. FakeClients has generators for various different art forms and industries. If you just want to have some illustration prompts, you can use the If you want to become a better logo designer or want to fill up your portfolio, simply use the logo prompt generator or one of the many other ones. FakeClients works by giving you an art prompt in the form of a client brief. This is as if you are contacted by a potential client, that wants to hire you for your illustration services for example. This way, you can use these prompts to practice your artistic skills and gets you ready for if you eventually want to start working for real clients. It is also a great way to fill up your portfolio in preparation for art school or a job interview. It teaches you to become better at working according to a set of requirements and wishes.

To start using the FakeClients art prompt generator, simply go to the homepage and select the art form you want to work on, Illustration for example, in the dropdown selection menu above the start button. After that, just press the start button and an art prompt will be generated for you. Press it as many times as you want, until you get an art prompt that you’d like to work on.

Other Art Prompt Generators

There are many other art prompt generators besides FakeClients and ArtPrompts. If you to use a drawing idea generator that is a bit more simple and easy to use than FakeClients, you could use It is much like FakeClients but the prompts are a bit more simple and beginner-friendly. FakeClients is more focused on professional and aspiring professional artists. To start using, simply press the generate idea button to start generating your prompts. Just like FakeClients, you can generate as many as you want to practice your drawing and illustration skills.