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The 30 Day Logo Challenge - How to do it & What is it?

June 13, 2020 - By August van de Ven

Generate logo design prompts for your 30-day logo challenge:

What is a 30-day logo design challenge?

One of the most important aspects of becoming an expert at logo design is to practice logo design and learn by doing. Just like in most creative industries, logo designers get better at their craft by gaining more experience. For beginning logo designers, this can be hard to achieve. You’re often trying to compete with people who have years of experience, and a large portfolio of past work and It’s hard to get past this first stage of getting your first clients or trying to find projects for yourself to work on. Besides that, it can also be hard to stop yourself from giving up quickly when you aren't seeing yourself progressing.

Whether you are a beginning designer or just someone who wants to brush up their logo design skills, there are multiple great methods you can try out to get some more experience. Creating logo design challenges or exercises for yourself is one of these methods with which you can practice improving your logo design skills. One of the more well-known exercises is the 30-day logo design challenge.

If you don’t know what a 30-day logo design challenge is, it’s actually quite simple and self-explanatory. You simply try to design a new logo every day, for 30 days. Most people will do this challenge using prompts of fake businesses but you could also just try to think of new logo ideas yourself each day.

Why do a 30-day logo design challenge?

Challenges like the 30-day logo design challenge have gained a ton of popularity lately. As logo designers are often promoting their work on platforms like Instagram, challenging yourself to post a logo design every day for 30 days will help you practice while improving your social media presence. It’s the perfect way to challenge yourself as you’ll learn how to work according to a set of requirements and you get into the routine of thinking about design every day. The added bonus is that you also have something to post on your social media channels every day, helping you gain some more exposure. It is still important to mention, however, that designing a logo every single day isn’t a realistic way a professional logo designer should work during their career but it’s certainly a good exercise and challenge.

How to do a 30-day logo design challenge?

There are quite a few ways to start doing a 30-day logo design challenge. One of the more obvious ways of doing a challenge like this is to just design a logo every day using your own ideas. You simply think of a cool logo design idea or an imaginary client and design a logo for that idea. This can be a great idea for absolute beginners as you don’t yet have to think about any potential requirements and can just use your creativity.

Using a logo design prompt generator

Another way to do a 30-day logo design challenge, if you want to challenge yourself a bit more, is to use a ‘logo design prompt generator’ or a ‘logo design brief generator’. A logo design prompt generator is a website or app that you can use to generate a set of random logo design prompts or briefs. This is a great way of doing a 30-day logo design challenge as you’ll have to keep yourself to a set of requirements that are in the prompt or brief. is one of these sites that can give you randomly generated logo design prompts.

To use the generator to generate logo design prompts for a 30-day logo design challenge, simply go to and press the ‘Generate Prompt’-button. It will then generate a random logo design prompt. You can either use the generator every day for 30 days to generate the prompts for the challenge, or you generate them all on the first day and save them for later.

Generate logo design prompts for your 30-day logo challenge:

A screenshot of 30 day logo challenge generator

30-day logo design challenge via email

Another way to do a 30-day logo design challenge is to do it via email. When you sign up for an email-based logo design challenge, you’ll receive a daily logo design challenge for 30 days. Most of these challenges also give you a brief or prompts with requirements you have to try and stick to. One of the most popular of these types of logo challenges is the LogoCore 30-day logo challenge.

What to do after a 30-day logo design challenge?

Doing a 30-day logo design challenge can be quite a tough challenge. It will be quite hard to keep it up for the full 30 days and even if you complete it, you may feel a bit underwhelmed with the results as you likely haven’t become a logo design expert after 30 days. That’s because that isn’t really the point of a challenge like this. The point is to get used to do logo design regularly and get used to the process of designing a logo from start to finish. You may even use a challenge like this to fill up your portfolio. Of course, it isn’t realistic to expect yourself to continue to design a logo every day but it can help yourself get used to creating work for yourself regularly in order to improve as a logo designer.

Generate logo design prompts for your 30-day logo challenge: